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How Do Rollover Accidents Happen?

A rollover accident occurs when an automobile flips onto its side and continues to tumble in an accident. How a rollover happens will depend on the details of the crash, though.

Typically, rollover accidents are caused by three issues:

  1. Unsafe vehicle design: A vehicle that is top-heavy or has its wheelbase too far off the ground can be prone to rolling over during turns or on banked roads. SUVs of many makes and models have been linked to a higher risk of rolling over due to their design.
  2. Side-impact collisions: If a motor vehicle strikes another along its side and at a high speed, the force of the impact can cause the struck vehicle to roll over entirely.
  3. Speeding: When a vehicle rounds a corner or takes a sharp turn, if it is traveling too quickly, it can tip over and roll.

Holding Negligent Automakers Liable for Rollovers

Our law firm is equipped to handle any rollover accident claim, including those filed against automakers. If your rollover accident occurred due to an unsafe design of your vehicle, such as a top-heavy SUV, then we can discuss the necessary steps to take a case against that company. Where other law firms might back down because an automaker has the resources to tenaciously defend itself, Amanda Demanda Law Group is fearless and always ready for a fight.

Damages in a Rollover Accident Claim

A rollover accident can result in serious injuries because the average vehicle is not designed to roll over. If a car flips onto its roof, then it can crumple entirely, putting the vehicle occupants in extreme danger.

In a rollover accident, the following injuries can occur:

Let us work with your medical providers to understand the extent of your injuries. With their input and insight, we can more easily prove that the catastrophic injuries you suffered in a rollover accident will negatively impact your life for years if not forever. In turn, this argument can help increase the compensation owed to you because Florida allows seriously injured claimants to seek damages related to pain and suffering.

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