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Amanda Demanda Law Group is proud to offer strong legal counsel for Miami locals who have been injured in all sorts of accidents, including golf cart accidents. If you were driving or riding in a golf cart when it wrecked, resulting in your serious injury, then we want to hear from you. You could be owed compensation for your injuries and losses, but you will have to file a claim and possibly fight for it. Let us help.

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How Do Golf Cart Accidents Happen?

The first step in many golf cart accident investigations is to determine how the accident happened in the first place. The defendant will likely try to blame you and say that you crashed because of your own recklessness. As your chosen Miami golf cart accident lawyers, we will work against them to show that liability belongs elsewhere.

Golf cart accidents can happen for many reasons, such as:

  • Defective golf cart parts
  • Unsafe path and course conditions
  • Other negligent or drunk golf cart operators

Liable Parties for Golf Cart Wrecks

Once we determine how the golf cart accident occurred, we can look into which parties are liable. The greater liability the defendant has been assigned, the more compensation that you can demand from them.

Parties that could be liable for your losses in a golf cart wreck claim include:

  • Golf cart manufacturer: If the golf cart accident happened due to a defective part, then the manufacturer of the golf cart could be held liable. For example, if the accelerator became stuck and the cart raced into a wall, then it would be reasonable to assume that the manufacturer is liable, not you.
  • Golf course: The owner of the golf course or related golf associations could be liable for your losses if your golf cart wreck happened due to an unacceptable defect with the course or grounds. For example, we could file against the golf course if you were driving a golf cart across a wooden bridge when it suddenly collapsed.
  • Golfer: Many golf cart accidents involve two golf cart operators, one of whom was acting negligently at the time. If you were hit by another golf cart operator or driver, then we can look into filing against them. However, in these situations, it is still possible that the golf course could be liable for renting the cart to someone unfit to operate it safely.

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