Case Results

  • $1.5 Million
    Bus Accident
    An underaged child was a passenger in their privately owned school bus when another car crashed into the bus causing the child to sustain injuries.
  • $990,000
    Slip & Fall
    Our client slipped and fell due to a puddle of water in the freezer section at a grocery store, our client suffered long-term injuries.
  • $900,000
    Rear-End Collision
    A family of 3, mother, father, and daughter were rear-ended by a lumber truck and sustained multiple injuries.
  • $730,000
    Multiple Injuries
    Our client was driving when another driver took a red light and crashed into the side of their vehicle which resulted in the client being smashed into a concrete pole, leaving the client with multiple injuries.
  • $325,000
    Bus Accident
    Our client was a passenger on a bus while on her way to work when a car crashed into the bus resulting in our client sustaining injuries. Video Link:
  • $315,000
    Slip & Fall
    Our client was walking through a grocery store and slipped and fell on a puddle and sustained injuries to her knee which required surgery. Video Link:
  • $250,000
    Slip & Fall
    Our client was going down a flight of stairs and slipped on his way down, when he reached for the railing, it detached, and our client fell over the ledge and broke his leg. Video link:
  • Confidential Settlement
    Hit & Run Accident
    Our client was driving when another car hit him on the side and kept driving. We were able to obtain information about the vehicle that had hit him and fight for his rights. Video Link: